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Engineers talk

Assessing the impact of the intrinsic characteristics of seat-pads on comfort and performance

Developing a high-quality cycling pad is therefore a highly complex process[...]
Feed your soul with new adventures, seek out new experiences and re-invigorate t

Tour de France

The 102nd edition of the Tour de France is in the rearview mirror and it was an exciting three weeks of racing. From[...]

Bordeaux-Paris: A tribute to Jacques Anquetil

The story dates back to my childhood, a day when I was flicking through a copy of "Miroir du Cyclisme" magazine. I read[...]

Alexander Kristoff (Katusha) adds his name to cycling’s elite with victory at the 2015 Tour of Flanders

Kristoff has had a monumental start to the season taking stage wins at the Tour of Qatar, Tour of Oman, Paris-Nice and[...]

Eric Barone sets new speed record of 223.3kph in Vars!

Holding the current world record and a near death experience was just not enough for Eric Baronne aka “The Red Baron”.[...]

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Wider, Carbon, disc and a new playground

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