Zxellium SLR The Zxellium SLR and its carbon body is the best balance of lightweight and strength

Zxellium pedal enables maximum power transfer with an exclusive float system that perfectly respects the rider's body. The iClic technology and its carbon spring allow the easiest step in and out. The carbon body and solid steel axle make the Zxellium SLR the perfect choice for the most powerful racers.
Weight : 190 grams (Pair)
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  • £120.00*

More than just light

Wider, Carbon, disc and a new playground

Key benefits

Highest power transfer and ease of use

700 mm² platform for optimal energy transfer

13.5 mm pedal height for the most efficient pedal strokes (best combination with Mavic footwear)

Iclic system and carbon spring blade for easy step in and out

Greatest respect of rider's biomechanics

10° angular float

2.5 mm lateral float

3 position float sensation adjustment

The best combination of lightweight and strength

Light and strong hollow steel axle

Carbon body

Aluminum friction plate (user replaceable)

The retention system remains open when the cleat is not engaged. When engaging, the pressure effort is reduced to minimum. When releasing the cleat, the retention system automatically locks back in the open position.
Extra wide cleat/pedal support area and cleat/shoe contact area, thanks to oversized pedal body plate. The body plate is user replaceable to maintain a perfect foot support over time.
Minimum distance between the feet and the axle allows rounder pedal strokes and negates the effect of tilting moment.
Mavic pedals offer an angular float of 10° (5° in each direction), but also go further by being the only pedals also offering a self lateral adjustment of the foot on the pedal (Q factor). Users can adjust the feel of float, from free to locked in.
Adjustment of the lateral and angular float feeling. Easy movement or more friction, the pedal will fit every rider's preference.

Detailed features

Technical Features

Mechanism: iClic, the easiest engagement

Spring: carbon flexion blade

Contact area: oversize 700 mm²

BioPosition: shoe-pedal distance, only 13.5 mm

Body material: carbon

Axle material: steel, hollow

Body plate material: alloy, black

Bearing: sealed cartridge bearing

Shoe - Pedal interface

Q Factor: lateral freedom +/- 2.5 mm

Feel adjustment: 3 positions

Angular freedom: +/- 5°

Release angle: 15°




Effortless engagement - iClic

Extra wide contact area - 700 mm²

Minimum stack height

Lateral and angular float

Feel adjustment


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